A Passion for Progress

I have been involved with the Sandyford Business District for a number of years. One of the key players in the success of the Sandyford Business District Company is Conor Battigan. I caught up with him on the Business Bites podcast. Conor is living proof of the power of passion. His enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious. Have a listen on the link. 

Lockdown Learnings

When your grandkids ask you “What did you do during the pandemic Gramps/Grandma (insert/delete as appropriate)?”, will you have a good answer? Will you boast that you watched all 3,188 episodes of Game of Thrones, end to end, in one sitting? Will you be able to point to your stomach and say “I grew this and, boy, oh boy, you should have seen the length of my hair” I hope not, I hope you have used the time to learn some new skills, to hone some existing ones and to meditate on your values and aspirations. 

There are many of us who won’t have had the time to do any of the above as they have been too busy, keeping us alive, keeping our supply chains running and maintaining state, and local government services. But there are plenty of us who have been presented with a fantastic opportunity. 

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Safely Back to Business with TileStyle

Customer safety in action at TileStyle

Many businesses are feeling a bit trepidatious about the whole process of reopening. Huge effort is going into making customers and visitors feel safe and secure. One of my customers, TileStyle, has been very proactive in getting back open and doing it in such a way as the concerns and worries of customers and the team are addressed professionally and proactively. 

I was delighted to be able to put together this brief video showing customers, suppliers, team members and visitors that TileStyle is open for business and has addressed and even exceeded guidelines of safety.  Adding captions improves both engagement and communication quality.

Given how time sensitive everything around reopening is, the project was turned around in three days from script to social sharing.

Well done TileStyle. 

Needless to say, if you want some assistance on reopening strategy and implementation of communications, please get in touch. 

401 Out – 402 Home* – Endurance and Team Spirit.

Late in 2018, my friend and cycling compatriot, James Lawlor talked to me about the entry of an eight man team in Race Around Ireland 2019. This is a really daft thing for these guys to take on. The average age of the team was 50+ (and more now). The race is a non stop ultra-endurance event and is not for the faint of heart. It is up there with the toughest in Europe. James suggested that I might look after the social media for the team (I wasn’t at all upset to be left out of the riding line up). 

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Sandyford Business District Awards 2019

To promote the Sandyford Business District Awards 2019, we produced a series of videos featuring a number of the sponsors. Sponsoring companies are all significant businesses located in the Sandyford Business District. It was a pleasure to work with the companies to produce these short videos.

Video is a great communications tool, attracting attention across numerous social platforms and allowing messaging to be brought to life.