Lockdown Learnings

When your grandkids ask you “What did you do during the pandemic Gramps/Grandma (insert/delete as appropriate)?”, will you have a good answer? Will you boast that you watched all 3,188 episodes of Game of Thrones, end to end, in one sitting? Will you be able to point to your stomach and say “I grew this and, boy, oh boy, you should have seen the length of my hair” I hope not, I hope you have used the time to learn some new skills, to hone some existing ones and to meditate on your values and aspirations. 

There are many of us who won’t have had the time to do any of the above as they have been too busy, keeping us alive, keeping our supply chains running and maintaining state, and local government services. But there are plenty of us who have been presented with a fantastic opportunity. 

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